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Handmade cards designed for the customer in mind, cards not mass produced and different from anything you would find in a store.

My name is Lora (Cricket) Clark, and I have in my former life been the Director of Quality & Risk Management and answered to the CEO, and have also served as Infection Control Practitioner, and a Paralegal for a large Healthcare Company for which I catered to a Medical Staff of 240 physicians. In the listed positions I took every opportunity to absorb and learn everything possible in each of my roles which became very beneficial to me as I retired. I have taken early retirement and am now writing, blog writing, Facebook posting, article writing, and ghostwriting for others. I have written many eBooks for publishers. I have sold one of my eBooks to a publisher and now working on three more eBooks. I work incredibly fast and have not missed a deadline at this point.
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Health & Human Services Certification, Bachelor's of Science in Medical Laboratory Technology
Penn Foster, Paralegal

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Lactose Intolerance – It Takes Guts to Control It
May, 30 2018
Will's General

Rectal Prolapse and how it can become serious posted to Will's General Face Book page.

September, 25 2016
Product Description
Cards by Cricket - handmade cards - each unique and different

An online place to buy greeting cards that you cannot find in a store. It is a new store and I am still building my stock but it is growing. Shoppers can add their own touch of what they would like to create the card to say or the card can be mailed to them blank.

Non-fiction book written about the CDC and WHO's findings and what they anticipate for this years flu pandemic.
Blog Post
Lactose Intolerance – It Takes Guts to Control It

Lactose intolerance and how natural products may be helpful to you in the long run.

May, 30 2018
Blog Post
Diver – is it ticulosis or ticulitis – you decide.

Different intestinal issues each week on Will's General Blog site and on his Facebook site as well.

June, 19 2018
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