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Writer. Producer. Hero.

Louie Olivas attended film school at the University of Arizona and is a writer/producer, launching new content across multiple entertainment platforms. He recently founded Cinemo Galactic, Inc., an Arizona corporation.

Cinemo Galactic, Inc. is launching, creating and licensing intellectual properties for the entertainment industry. Cinemo Galactic develops its properties in traditional entertainment media, including: feature length films in live action and animation, television programming, merchandising and related ancillary markets. With high demand for content in media such as mobile applications, on-line, and video games, Cinemo Galactic is also partnering with augmented reality/virtual reality studios to pioneer new content in this brand new medium.

Their new sci-fi/fantasy franchise JANCROON (jane-croon) is a vertically integrated flagship franchise to be licensed and exploited as feature films, toys, merchandise, video games, mobile apps, and virtual/augmented reality platforms.

Received the endorsement of WETA Workshop and 5 time Oscar winner Sir Richard Taylor, whose work includes THE LORD OF THE RINGS Trilogy, KING KONG, DISTRICT 9, AVATAR, and ELYSIUM. WETA Workshop will provide concept design, costume, special makeup, weapons, physical manufacturing and animatronics.

Foundation 9 Entertainment, the largest independent game company in the U.S., is our game developer to launch Jancroon on console/social/mobile applications through their COSOMO backend technology, enabling the property to launch seemlessly on the Apple iOS platform and Facebook.

Research firm EEDAR recently did a comparison analysis, finding JANCROON to be comparable to several highly successful franchises, including HALO, MASS EFFECT, and STAR WARS.

Starlight Runner Entertainment has committed their expertise in transmedia incubation, production and implementation that has resulted in the creation of a proprietary development engine called Action Drive System™. Most recently, augmented reality/virtual reality studio Balance Studios has come on board. Balance Studios has gained industry recognition as a pioneer in Augmented Reality, Volumetric Augmented Reality, and VFX technologies.

Highly skilled at creating content for feature films, television series, marketing campaigns, advertising ads, Louie Olivas can quickly ascertain the needs and goals of a producer/company and execute very quickly.
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