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Hello i am Lou! i am from Venezuela, I am a professional of the health sector under the title of Medical Surgeon, with Honorable Mentions (average 8.04 points)- I dedicated 8 years of my life to this career, of which 6 years were developed inside the Hospital, plus 1 year of Internship. In addition, I was selected as Academic Preparer in the area of Histology for 6 months and worked for 3 years as a writer of medical guides to prepare students for exams. It should be added that my Grade Work was approved under the merit publication for granting new scientific advances on the mortality of premature newborns.
In the medical exercise I dedicated 1 year (2018) as a general doctor; in a public hospital (a prerequisite for practicing the specialty), which consists of working as a general doctor in a town or a place far from the city. I am currently working in private practice and aspire to study Neuroscience.

As for my personality I'm self driven, committed, and fairly optimistic.And as for my hobbies, I like to cook, like a lot, draw, paint and most importantly write all sort of stories. I'm a very good team's player, I take orders and do everything as told, as for collaborating with others my work its outstanding in general.
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Is there a country that can combine such a diversity of landscapes with its changing climates, culture and even dialect? Yes, and that’s Venezuela. Located in the north of South America, this particular country is an aphrodisiac tourist objective for foreigners, and here I show you the reasons. Are you ready? Well, here we go

June 23rd, 2019
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