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Transforming Words into Wizardry

I’ve always been creative, and I really get excited when I develop an idea into a piece of work and moulding it until it becomes something unique. This began with my enthusiasm for design, where I’d take an idea, draw up the design, and build it into a physical product.

I developed my talent in this by understanding how things work, how they can be improved on, and most importantly, what people really want.

Over the years I met countless people from various backgrounds, and I started to become more interested in people and how they tick. This included their primary motivations relating to the products they buy.

Then along came advertising - a subject that really grabbed me by the tail. Whenever I saw an ad I liked or even one I hated, I would always stop to think about why that was and how could I do the same.

After studying the subject of human behaviour, I also got into neuro-linguistic programming, which is all about how language affects our behaviour. You know the saying ‘a picture paints a thousand words’? Well, a single word can invoke a fountain of weird and wonderful imagery, all in your head!

As we typically think in pictures, those images translate into thoughts and feelings that are associated with more pictures, and more words. So to me, words are far more powerful than pictures could ever be! They are the tools that I sharpen every day to become the best writer I can be.

This led me to want to study the subject of psychology further at Coventry University. Here I discovered how groups, social status, values, and belief systems not only develop, but how they can be used to influence and persuade.

Along with my creative abilities, I instantly found a use for this knowledge within the advertising arena. After all, how can you sell to someone if you don’t understand their wants, needs, and desires?

Going a step further, I really wanted to delve into advertising psychology, so I studied it at Master’s level in Lancaster. Here I learned how to invoke memories from ads, create emotional associations, and understand how to create words that operated at the level of the phenome.

Since I began studying, my writing skills improved vastly. I ended up landing a great job in an ad agency where I could study visual behaviour on marketing materials. My role transformed from a market research base into a predominantly writing one. I handled all kinds of writing projects from case studies to white papers, blog articles to book chapters.

I also developed a passion for writing creatively and an understanding of how to write to sell. I’ve since been learning how to perfect this skill combining it with psychological principles to achieve the desired outcome more effectively.

I took a course in copywriting and completed some private work for clients online. I also took an internship with an ad agency in London where I put my skills into practice working on and creating various marketing materials.

I’ve been running my own website as a platform for personal development. This has let me spread my creative wings and given me a fantastic stage to impart my knowledge in personal psychology and health and fitness. I have created all of the written content, including a weekly blog, social media posts and ads, email campaigns, my own eBook, and much more.

It is my passion project that not only lets me develop my skills as a writer and creator, but it allows me to help and reach people who are in need of some guidance, whether it is achieving their goals or getting in shape.

Aside from that, I am currently working as a freelance blog writer for which I write a wide range of articles every day. My passion for learning, self-improvement, and writing of all kinds, continue to develop as I progress in my career. I aim to bring as much knowledge and experience to the role and get into the hearts and minds of the readers. This is what I believe gives me a little more insight into how powerful words can be.
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