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Great writing is making complex concepts simple and clear.

Lucy Merriman graduated from Kent State University in 2016. She has written for B*TCH magazine, Zetetic Record, and Pif. She has also worked for a wide variety of brands to cultivate memorable, shareable content across platforms.
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Buyers Guide
The Best Pillows For Shoulder Pain In 2018

A quirky buyer's guide to the best pillows for shoulder pain in 2018

February, 22 2018
Website Copy
The Girl With Two Hearts
August, 17 2015
Ad/Promotional Copy
Saving Time, Money, and Lives :

A short promotional booklet for the asset tracking company BeaconGrid.
Blog Post
by Lucy Merriman

Creative writing
How to Lend a Hand in a Mental Health Crisis Part 3: The Process of Processing
January, 1 2019
How to Lend a Hand in a Mental Health Crisis Part 2: Mindset, Limit Setting, and Safety Assessment
December, 25 2018
Social Justice Education | Yopp!

"How to Lend a Hand in a Mental Health Crisis Part 1: Enlisting the Help of a Crisis Hotline." This is the first of my 5-part how-to article series on helping someone who's going through a mental health crisis.

December, 13 2018
5 Myths About Juice Cleanses and Superfoods

A ghostwritten listicle for SciLife
Blog Post
Independent Agents in Texas Doing Great Work

Ghostwritten article for Superior Access.

April, 18 2018
A Snapshot of the Immunotherapies Market

Ghostwritten article for ClinPlus on the Immunotherapies Market.

April, 24 2018
4 Keys to Setting Ambitious, Achievable Sales Goals

An article for Superior Access

April, 3 2018
PDF upload
Saving Time, Money, and Lives

A whitepaper going over a projected return on investment for a hospital purchasing an asset tracking system.
Blog Post
Am I a fool for wanting to move in with my boyfriend at 18? He treats me right and we can afford it.

A post about why moving in with your boyfriend at age 18 might be a bad idea.

April, 17 2018
A New Small Press Aims to Publish Youth-Oriented LGBT Stories

An interview with Kori Handwerker and Melanie Gillman.

August, 5 2016
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