Luke Morem


Writing for the future.

I am 14 years old, living in Jupiter, Florida, and currently in the 9th grade. Writing and reading has always been a strong suit of mine both in and out of school. Despite my age, my writing and reading skills have exceeded expected High School and College skills for this subject. For the past several years beginning in 4th grade, I have taken advanced and Honors classes. I was referred to the Duke Tip University program for completing consistent above average scores on the state standardized tests, which few achieve. Hopefully, writing for clients will allow me to become more familiar and adept in this field. As of now, I enjoy writing about scientific discoveries, space and astronomy, and Fiction and Non-fiction freelance. For the future, I have plans for becoming a Naval or Astronautical Engineer.
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Article, Documentary
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Secondary Education (9th grade), Honors and Advanced English , No formal Degree
Jupiter, FL, USA|English

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