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Dr. Lydia Barza is a well-traveled expert in child development and education with a background in psychology. She has published in education, psychology and business journals, as an interdisciplinary scholar interested in the intersection between culture and cognition. She can take any subject and make it accessible for a diverse audience. Her insatiable curiosity drives her love of writing and research. When she's not writing, she is asking questions to which she thinks no one may ever find the answers.
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University of Miami, PhD in Reading and Special Education
University of Miami, MSEd in Mental Health Counseling
University of Miami, BA in Psychology; minor in English
Florida, USA|English

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Cognition & Seizure Disorders in Children

A detailed review of the scientific literature on how seizure disorders affect children's cognition and academic achievement.
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Black Cat Blog: Issues in academia, research & publishing

Welcome to my blog on issues of controversy and importance within academia, research, and scholarly publishing!

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Home Literacy Practices of Three Minority Groups in the U.S.

In this article I describe the beliefs and practices of eleven case study families from low-income Haitian-, Cuban-, and Jamaican-American families. Culture-based practices are seen as essential to understanding how to bridge families with schools to improve student success.

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Foreign Science Teachers' Self-efficacy

This article is about the challenges of foreign teachers in teaching science.

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A Framework for Teaching Ethics

A research-based original framework for teaching ethics is presented. The model is case study based and may be applied across disciplines.

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Culture & Business Ethics

Cognitive moral development of female business students in an Islamic context was examined. Results are discussed from a sociocultural perspective.

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Pitfalls and Recommendations for School-Business Partnerships

This article examines the advantages and pitfalls of school-business partnerships from the point of view of both stakeholders. School and business leaders are provided with recommendations on how to make such relationships mutually beneficial.

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Muslim Parent Preferences for Storybook Illustrations

Original research on the influence of Islamic culture on parents' storybook illustration preferences

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Black Cat is Global!.png

Facebook post as advertisement to attract customers who are non-native English speakers

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Home Literacy Practices in the UAE

Original research exploring culture-based parent preferences for shared reading among the elusive Emirati population in the United Arab Emirates. This article was featured on the front page of The National newspaper.

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Pinterest post on tips to get research writing completed during the summer

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