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I write about people and the things that they make.

Elizabeth Frerking is a freelance journalist and a recent graduate of Pacific Lutheran University's Creative Writing program. She was also part of the 7% of the candidates selected for a 2017 internship with the nonprofit 'The Borgen Project'. Along with literature, composition, and journalism, she also has experience with multiple other branches of the arts.

She has performed in theater from a young age when she participated in productions with her church to high school productions such as 'Antigone' and 'How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying'. She studied audio and film production at the Art Institute of Las Vegas. Before she transferred to the English department of PLU, she studied music theory and performance.

Her interests besides writing include tabletop roleplaying games, sculpting, and reading about strange individuals and occurrences/histories. At the present moment, she is writing short stories and pursuing a full-time freelancing career. She current resides in Lakewood, WA.

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Military Veteran uses SBA resources to open gluten-free market

This was a profile piece that I did for a copywriting class in college. It does not have a byline, but I am more than happy to provide the e-mail exchange if necessary. The assignment was to create a profile of a veteran who had found business success after deployment. This was for the same Small Business Association site that is now hosting the article. My professor got me in contact with Janell Farnsworth of Janell's Gluten Free Market. From there, I arranged a time for a phone interview. This interview was recorded and after transcribing the article myself, I put it to paper. I sent the completed project to my professor, who then edited it before sending it to the site.
Education for Disabled Children in Lebanon

I created this article during my 3-month internship with 'The Borgen Project'. As I was allowed to propose my own topic, I proposed a topic related to my interest in psychology. Once this article proposal was improved, I used news articles and studies as research for this article. This was then submitted back to my editors.

August, 7 2018
Tag Archive for: Group Interpersonal Psychotherapy

Later into my internship with The Borgen Project, I chose my own topics for the articles that I wished to write. As I have an interest in psychology and mental health, I found myself curious about how mental health was treated around the world. I submitted this topic to my editors and it was approved. I composed this article using studies, statistics, and the websites of multiple nonprofit organizations dedicated to mental health. I then cited my resources on the paper and sent this article to my editors. In a few weeks, it was published on their site.

October, 12 2018
Solving Key Issues of Credit Access in Paraguay

This piece was an article created for the Seattle nonprofit 'The Borgen Project' during my 3-month internship with them. During the first few weeks of my internship, I chose my topics from a list of subjects approved by the editors. I then made use of academic papers, policy strategy papers, and government statistic sites to craft the piece. For this task, I was given a week. Once this was completed, I sent the article directly to the editors of The Borgen Project. From there, they sent it back to me with suggestions for improvement. These improvements were made and in a few weeks, the piece was published on their site.

August, 21 2018
PLU Professor Publishes Poetry

At the time of writing this article, I was a contributor for my college's newspaper. During one of our Monday meetings, we discussed the possibility of interviewing a member of our facility who had recently published a book of poems. As I had been in one of this particular professor's classes before, I volunteered for the assignment. In order to create this assignment, I emailed Professor Barot and asked him if he was interested in an interview. He replied and agreed to the interview so long as I was truthful and didn't exaggerate anything. I then wrote up some questions to ask him before going to meet with him during his office hours. I recorded the interview with my cell phone. I then later used the audio recording to write up the interview you now see on the newspaper's site. This was then sent to the paper's editors who published it in our school's newspaper.

October, 3 2015
Lakewood Farmers Market vendor spotlight: Aspirations by Paula

Unfortunately, this profile piece does not have a byline. If it's authenticity is in question, I can provide the emails that I exchanged with my subject. This piece was a part of an internship with the City of Lakewood marketing division itself. It was cut short by a change in staffing, but I did manage to write this one piece for what was going to be a bigger project. The overall project was meant to highlight the people who worked the farmer's market and their products. Pauline, as you can read in the article, is a jewelry maker who works with very special materials. My boss gave me her email and contacted her for the interview. Pauline had already agreed to the interview and knew she would be contacted. I set up an appointment and conducted an interview with her through a recorded phone conversation (I informed her that it would be recorded, of course). From there, I transcribed the interview myself and then proceeded to create the article. Once it was complete, I sent it to my manager. She approved it and it was published.

August, 21 2017
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