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When properly written, a good article can impact on a reader's mind in such a way that sometimes readers are not even aware of .But for that one have to consider that every reader has his/her own intelligence and if you consider the critical and analytical mind of your reader it's easy to penetrate to one's heart too. Indeed this is the most toughest part of writing , because there are so many people who are good writers and can write very well with SEO optimisation but only Summarising and explaining is not enough now a days, these are important no doubt but there are few more things to consider when writing .These few more things are my experience gathered and sometimes personal tips from Indian's top most personalities. Please bear in mind that am a professional in this field so all the contents are single piece ,100% original .
Although I am new here but I am creating content for last 8 years. For last 7 years I am creating online content with SEO expertise. I delivered more than 5100+ writing till date including 11 ebooks and worked on 515+ websites as a copy writer (website content writer). For many I did SEO campaigns to create new brands and worked for more than 20 big brands. As it's my bread butter so I am very serious with my profession and prefer to respect privacy of my clients.
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Article, Blog Post, Ebook, Social Copy, Website Copy, Product Description, Case Study, Buyers Guide, Ad/Promotional Copy, Email Newsletter, Script, Commercial, Landing Page
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Calcutta University, Physics Honours ( Bachelor's in Science)
Sikkim Manipal University, MBA in Finance
Kolkata, West Bengal, India|Bengali, English, Hindi

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