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I started writing when I was 5 and since then I just haven’t stopped. Scribbling nonsense on the wall, trying to make lines in a poem rhyme, discovering new words in the dictionary every day, writing stories with weak plots; I did all that as a child. What started as a childhood hobby turned into a passion, and then slowly transformed into a calling.

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Today, I have been a professional writer and editor for over 8 years. Over this time, I have:
• Earned degrees in both digital marketing and computer science.
• Written/edited/finetuned articles, blogs and reviews on topics ranging from real estate to classical music.
• Written/edited/finetuned website copy that garnered millions of dollars in sales, for clients who didn’t even know what the words “target market” mean.
• Written/edited/finetuned targeted email campaigns after analyzing thousands of files containing market research.
• Designed and written copy for hundreds of multi-layered sales funnels.
• Written/edited/finetuned scripts for hundreds of videos, presentations and speeches.
• Written/edited/finetuned software documentation, technical reports, theses, dissertations, research papers for both academic and enterprise purposes.
• Written/edited/finetuned tutorials, introductory and explanatory articles and guides on numerous topics related to the field of IT (From machine learning to web development and from cryptocurrency to network security and VoIP).
• Written anything and everything asked of me; be it a eulogy or an acceptance speech, a sponsorship proposal or a love letter, a biography or an essay titled “Is it possible to separate Wagner’s operas from their political associations”.

I have worked with more clients than I can name, but the most worth mentioning are: Microsoft, Corel Corporation, Crowe, Hostinger, Swiftpage, TrafficPoint, Trailer Music Academy, Infosec institute and 84 codes.
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