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Welcome to the official page of Mac Champagne. I am an SongWriter, Composer, and Music Producer. Please feel free to contact me I am always eager and ready to work.

Name is Champagne. Mac Champagne. Now that the funnies is out the way. I am from Sacramento, CA. Grew up in South Sacramento and graduated from Valley Hi School. I am a producer, composer and recording engineering currently in school for Recording Engineering degree. I play the Piano and bring the west coast sound back from the 90s Era. My favorite artists and Producers are K- Ci, Dre, Timberland, Jamie Foxx all of which I plan to work with it in this upcoming future. After Pinnacle college I will be moving down to San Diego where I will be starting my own Record company as well as building my own studio. I have a team of very talented individuals that stand with me which is called 2 Creative Musiq Group.

Also I am apart of a team called T L S (The Last Six) group of smart and businesslike individuals that all do music and want to bring REAL MUSIC back to the forefront. I am doing these things because I want to retire my mother and take care of my family the best way i know how to provide and that's through making beats, writing music, sitting in on sessions and giving notes and being completely honest being ready to work. I will do all of this through the grace of God I know that he has me and I understand that hard work turns into efforts towards your goals. God Bless.
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