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Scholar of life.

25 years in the security Industry working and supplying,managing all types of security personnel from door staff,security guards,and ViP Protection Bodyguards.

My role in the security in the industry placed me in various parts of the united Kingdom at various venues where i came into contact with individuals of all types that either required a solution to a problem or were the problem that required a solution. This role then branched off to create other roles in investigation and specialist tasking commissioned by bodies and individuals who cannot be disclosed.My projects had occupational hazards.

Through all my experiences ,projects and assignments and environments i was exposed to i gained skills that that most would not have had first hand experience to or exposure to .'We are a product of our environment'. I gained experiences,provided solutions and resolved issues that can be applied to most tasks for the desired effect by way of solutions,services or information schooled from life experiences and on standby for tasking
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