Magnus Lescano

A mangaka and writer preparing the world to be ruled by cats

Hello humans, allow me to present myself. I am a Peruvian man, not very tall, 5'6 only, speak naturally English and Spanish and I am in the process of studying Japanese and French. I spent 15 years in Guatemala because of my Father's job then came back to Peru to study art and work as a medical interpreter on platform as on the field for the U.S. Embassy.

I have experience with communication science, art, history, literature, medicine, specifically in the investigation department, and a hobbie of mine, video games and comics. I have written about all of those but most of my work has being lost cause it was in the non-internet era or it was written in Spanish, which is not a bad language I have to say, but probably useless in this website. Now, I have decided to quit all careers and venture only in my passion for writing and drawing, using the knowledge I have accumulated, I am excited with the possibilities, let's see what I can do for you.
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