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i worked in Medical news writing since 2016 After attaining a BA in Journalism and Mass Communications , Journal and several weeklies in the Middle east, in addition my work in medical field as Medical laboratory Scientist , BSC chemistry & microbiology in addition higher Diploma of Biochemistry.

Mahmoud Bakkar writes SEO Medical content for major branches of Science including Biochemistry , Microbiology, Medicine and pharmaceutics. Experienced, knowledgeable biochemist , Microbiology with many years of experience focusing on vaccine development epidemic and pandemic viruses. Proficient in all phases of development and testing. Excels at delivering high-quality, rigorously-tested results. Adepts at refining and optimizing testing and development protocols. Familiar with a range of lab equipment. Excellent communicator who is able to explain highly technical ideas to non-technical audience. Top teamwork and leadership skills. Takes pride in mentoring new team members.
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Faculty of Science, Bachelor
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Alexandria, Alexandria Governorate, Egypt|Arabic, English

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