Malcolm Farley

Graphic Designer, Writer

Giving wealth and knowledge through my poetic mind

The only things that have been consistent in my life are
1. Writing
2. Gaming
3. Art
4. Poetry
5. Emotions

With these 4 attributes I have lived my soft introverted life, gaming and drawing by day and writing by night, until one day I decided post my writing online. The only constant that has latest throughout my personal pursuits is creating, whether making art on Illustrator, poetry for my blog or writing to inspire my Instagram audience. I live to help and inspire others, and I hope that I can provide value to anyone I interact with. My passion lies in writing, and I have been an avid poet since middle school, seeking to further my skills by writing every day for my blog. If not writing them you can find me playing video games or drawing, or on the occasion creating motivational YouTube videos.

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Kennesaw State University, Interaction Design

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