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Malik Rosser - born and raised in Texas - is a Watty Award-Winning Author, poet, and a loving father to his beautiful daughter, Destiny. Passionate about writing, he’s been writing since the fourth grade and his love for it has only deepened. Over the years he’s been working on perfecting his craft, using platforms like Wattpad to help him along the way, hoping to one day be discovered and adored like other amazing authors - Rick Riordan (Percy Jackson and the Olympians) and Craig Thompson (Blankets) - his personal favorites.
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The Unlikely Prince-Diamante Poem by Malik Rosser
November, 18 2016
Fear by Malik Rosser
November, 18 2016
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Betrayal Is Inevitable

This is one of my personal pieces. Betrayal Is Inevitable is the very first book I ever started writing. Still to this day it is one of my most popular stories on Wattpad. *Book Description: Every day you walk around blind to what's been hiding in plain sight for centuries. Everything you've experienced: tragedies, natural disasters, illness, war; the Gifted had a part in it. The Gifted are a super-human race that possess abilities, which have strongly influenced their entire existence. As time went on, it became harder for them to keep their "gifts" a secret, and each day was just another opportunity for them to be exposed; soon that thought became a reality. All it took was one mistake, one wrong move and a war was formed between the Gifted and the mortals-two races addicted to power. From every corner of the world, the Gifted came together raging war against the mortals, and even each other. Their rein of destruction was ended when a young teenager gave them salvation in a separate world sealed off from reality called Veritas; also known as the Land of Tranquility. Over time they've kept themselves distant from the mortals, but each year a special event allows few to return-graduation. In the early stages of Veritas' development, Gifted Academy, a strangely diverse school, was assembled to help them hone their powers and prove they could be trusted in the outside world. That's what it was intended for in the beginning but after a traitorous act the academy began to evolve into a darker image. The once peaceful system grew weaker each day until eventually it no longer existed. Now, faced with an inevitably, long-awaited danger, James Nightfury, his brother William, and a few unlikely friends, must rise up and take charge to stop the threat that would soon destroy their home.
Blog Post
The Unlikely Prince - Free Verse Poem by Malik Rosser
November, 18 2016
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