Mandy Barrington

Copywriter, Graphic Designer, Writer

Integrated Copywriting and Design/Web Services

"Having worked in the Marketing/PR industry for nearly 35 years - I can honestly say I have never before had the pleasure of working with an individual who can bring so much to the table. Time and again, this has allowed us a seamless experience with client initiatives - to work with the same person nuts-to-bolts who clearly understands the client's goals to garner positive measurable results. You will not be disappointed!"

I'm a graphic designer by education, a web developer by experience, and a copywriter by nature.

What does this mean for you?

- Content for your website or blog written by someone who understands HTML markup, SEO, and Conversion Rate Optimization.
- Copy for your eBook that written by the same person who is designing it, so the content and graphics fit together like a glove.
- Less hunting down multiple creatives and facilitating communication between them; more time spent getting your projects done and in front of your audience

10 years in marketing has granted me a depth of experience for you to draw from. What can I take off your plate?

"Mandy is one of the most talented individuals I know. Not only is she a triple threat—graphic design, copywriting and web—she’s really good at all three. She has a knack for taking an idea and running with it, coming back with something beyond what I was expecting."
Content Types
Article, Blog Post, Whitepaper, Ebook, Website Copy, Case Study, Press Release, Ad/Promotional Copy, Graphic, Infographic Copy, Email Newsletter, Checklist
More Information
Robert Morris University, Bachelor of Science – Graphic Design
St. Louis, MO, USA|English

Published Content

Website Copy
Website Copy | Real Estate | What Type of Loan is Right for Me?

While I was designing and developing a website for my real estate client, she enlisted my help in writing copy for her website pages that her clients could use as a resource. She appreciated my conversational tone and my ability to research and break down subjects into easy-to-grasp concepts for her clients. "When it comes to putting together a thought, she has a subtle humor that takes her writing to the next level. It’s a relatability that draws consumers in. She brings brands to life through her words and design. I’m always proud to present her work to my clients." - SARAH GHIGLIERI, MARKETING CONSULTANT • KATHY GARST REAL ESTATE TEAM

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Website Design / Development | Real Estate

A standout real estate broker needed a website that stood out among her many competitors. After solidifying her brand colors and creating her logo, I designed a website that married form and function. I transformed a lackluster Wordpress theme and MLS feed into a stylish resource that reflects my client's brand while capturing and nurturing leads.
Blog Post
Blog Series Copy | Marketing | "Build an Unbeatable Brand"

This 5-part blog series, Build an Unbeatable Brand, explored brand growth strategies in-depth. My client's goal was two-fold: position themselves as the local industry experts in brand development, and provide a valuable resource to their clients to refer to as they began their own brand building journeys.

June 6th, 2013
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Website Copy
Website Copy Sample | Insurance

Insurance can easily become an overwhelming topic, so I made it my mission to transform a dry, company-centric website into one that clients would find accessible and personable. *Produced in collaboration with HPR Marketing Agency in Springfield, IL. My role was copywriting and web design.
Video Script | Agriculture | Complex Concept Made Relatable

I admit it – I'm a science nerd. When I worked at a marketing agency* that needed a script written for an agriculture product, I was the first to raise my hand. There's something gratifying about taking high-level concepts and breaking them down into easy-to-follow ideas. Ideas that sell because their benefits are readily understood. *Produced in collaboration with HPR Marketing in Springfield, IL. My roles were script writing and storyboarding.

December 10th, 2012
Blog Post
Blog Copy | Website Development | How to Stop Wasting Time Developing for Internet Explorer

Sometimes, being the newbie can be an asset. While I was first growing my wings as a web developer, I took on the task of writing guest blog posts on behalf of an online marketing company. SitePoint was a reputable resource that I frequently referred to, so having my work featured on their blog was like striking gold. Being in the trenches of researching a new topic myself, I was deeply familiar with the questions a newbie would have – then I created the content to answer those questions. No matter what topic I'm writing about, my clients relish my ability to approach it with fresh eyes, research it, and present it to a target audience in a conversational tone that connects.

September 25th, 2012
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