Marc Czarnecki

Content Strategist, Photographer, Technical Writer

Growing Business Impressions

Alias 'Web Tech Czar,' Marc Czarnecki has supported small to large organizations in implementing technology changes and education.
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Appalachian State University, BSBA Marketing & Management

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Black Mountain Stove & Chimney
google.comBuyers Guide
Black Mountain Stove & Chimney

Guiding potentential customers from Google Street View search and maps; into a virtual tour of the business.

October, 5 2017
Web Tech Czar - Site Description
Web Tech Czar - Site

Major tech companies of Google, Apple, Amazon, Verizon (Yahoo), Facebook, and others are competing for your online time; but also confusing some users with their products and or services. GAAMVFO helps to separate the product names we use on line.

GYBO Web Tech Czar Business Page
GYBO Web Tech Czar Business Page
June, 1 2018
Web Tech Czar - Site Page
Web Tech Czar - Site

Home to Web Tech Czar's Google Site of hundreds of small business topic and technology references. Pages:
360sphere.bizGeneral Photo Pages:

Supporting businesses with 360-degree photography and virtual tours.

April, 30 2018
Max Patch Trail WIld Flowers and Bees
veer.tvGeneral Video
Max Patch Trail WIld Flowers and Bees

Engage with the bee and a 360-degree virtual tour at this URL.

August, 1 2017
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