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For over 10 years, Marcelina Hardy has been writing online content for B2B and B2C companies. She holds a BA in Psychology and MS in Education. Marcelina delivers high quality, optimized content that ranks well on Google and is well received on social media for maximum visibility. She can write on any topic that can be researched and loves to connect with people for interviews. In her spare time, she loves to spend time with her husband, two children and two dogs.
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Article, Blog Post, Buyers Guide, Checklist, Case Study, Commercial, Ebook, Infographic, Landing Page, Press Release, Product Description, Website Copy, Whitepaper, Interview, Infographic Copy, Ad/Promotional Copy
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University of Massachusetts - Amherst, Bachelors in Psychology
Old Dominion University, Masters in Education
East Hampton, NY|English

Published Content

The Best Ways to Save for Retirement

Saving for retirement is a popular search term on Google, and this article is a comprehensive explanation of how to do it successfully. This article was featured on Wealth Daily.

July, 26 2013
How Does Stress Raise Cholesterol Levels?

Learning how stress contributes to elevated cholesterol levels can help readers understand the importance of stress management. This article identifies the physiological effects of stress.
Web Marketing Consultant for SEO

Consulting can help a company improve their marketing strategies. In this article on web marketing consulting, readers learn how they can take advantage of a consultant to learn what their company should be doing to improve their online marketing campaign.

June, 26 2018
Advantages and Disadvantages of Organic Search

Many people do not know they can promote their business for free online through organic search. This long form article along with infographic explains the advantages and disadvantages of using organic search when marketing a business online. * Infographic designed by writer.

April, 21 2018
PDF upload
Boost Conversions with Audience.pdf

To ensure content has a good ROI, it's important to target the right audience. This article discusses how to write content directly to the audience you want to convert for better lead generation.

July, 28 2016
Blog Post
What Affects Server Response Time

Many people don't think about their server being the issue when their site isn't loading fast enough. Understanding how the server plays a role in website loading time is important, so this blog post explains that in detail.

July, 30 2018
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