Marcia (Marcy) Holle

Content Strategist, Writer

It’s not about us, it’s about our audiences.

Creative, analytical content strategist employing direct from-audience analysis to create transforming messaging - the foundation for all branded communications. Writes innovative, relevant, and meaningful content for the times we live in with a goal of sparking emotion to captivate and persuade each unique audience. Closely collaborates with internal teams.

*Websites and outreach, based on audience input, resulted in examples such as:
- Upped sales by 11% in less than one year overcoming Coda Alliance’s extremely tough subject: end-of-life conversations
- Tripled the number of grants for Sustainable Sciences Institute’s research in developing nations via consumer orientation

Core Competencies include branding; messaging; website strategy, content and structural flow; writing blogs, videos, podcasts, e-books, news and magazine articles, case studies; audience interviews and analysis

Certified in Human Centered Design by IDEO: Designing content, strategies, and communications based on direct customer and influencer input

Remote part-time or freelance consultant

Content Types
Article, Case Study, Blog Post, Email Newsletter, Social Copy, Website Copy, Interview, Press Release, Presentation, Script, Landing Page
More Information
Fordham University, MA, Communications
Marymount Manhattan, BA History - Asian & middle east studies
Flushing Hospital School of Nursing, Registered Nurse
Remote, OR USA|Languages

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