Marco Capriz

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Belief is the death of intelligence

I have been many things in past lives and what I was, reflects (in part) in what I write about. Having worked in the​ defense​ technology sector makes me knowledgeable​ about​ intelligence, politics, how governments work, and their inefficiencies and questionable decision-making​ processes​. This, combined with my experience in the telecoms sector, gives some knowledge of​ IT security risks. My role in sales and marketing gave me writing and presentation skills. I have traveled​ extensively around the world, mainly on business, and consequently on free air miles holidays. I am a SCUBA diver, a trekker and, 40 lbs ago, I was a decent mountaineer. Being semi-retired now, I live in Asia and​ I enjoy writing for writing's sake, on​ many subjects, but mainly politics, defense issues, science, ​and technology.
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