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PROFILE: SEO, Web Page creation, Blogging, ghostwriter, Article writer and Ad developer for Travelhost Magazine, Cortez Journal, Mancos Times, Frugal Bugal, Durango Herald, Experience as a Court Judicial Assistant for Mesa Combined Courts, Excellent communication skills combination of qualifications. Very organized, high degree of technical computer knowledge, combined with professional business in court, government and non-profit organizations. Social Media expert, large planning and development background with experience in with schematics and reviewing all phases of development projects as well as special permits, boundary line adjustments, and event planning for county and other associated skills.
Technical Skills: Familiar with court proceedings, filing documents, reading online dockets, scheduling, and associated administrative work. I have created and managed several databases through access and other cutting edge computing software, used a variety of applications such as: Google and standard applications for a Office Computer including but not limited to: *Google’s Insightly program, *Word, *Access, *Excel, and *AyaNova, and other variety of work order programs *Property Management, *Mapping programs, as well as have skills in distribution and logistics, accounting payables and receivables, and record keeping. *work order programs *Surveys *Business Consultant * Social Media Expert with emphasis on Facebook, Linkedin, Blogging, and Youtube. Also with * websites * SEO Optimization * News Articles Media outreach * Organized workshops and Team Building workshops. Experience with Internal office support for staff and support of 40 plus clients, government officials, state and county agencies, including but not limited to Board of County Commissioners, Planning Commission, and corresponding agencies. This required communication to a wide scale community of surveyors, County officials, CDOT, Developers, and Businesses. In addition I attended and prepared meeting minutes, and recordings for public records. Met deadlines, prepared and scheduled for business meetings classes/appointments for a multi level operation, as well as organized meetings including luncheons, assessment of completed forms and file management.
● Experience in first appearance center, working as a clerk in Court Judicial department, dating and filing documents, as well as working for post decree divorce as a courtroom clerk, Checking documents, taking courtroom minutes, Assist the Magistrate with case flow management, intaking fees, and filing reports to a wide range of courtroom judges
● Managed files, created findings, assisted with applications, submitted proposals, Work Order programs: For Subdivision, High Impact Permits, Special use permits, boundary line adjustments, exemptions, etc. dispatch
efficiency, management of notes and communicate important key elements for project to move forward
● Provide professional communication, and office assisting, networking: With multi level of internal staff, external agencies, as well as public.Social Media expert, SEO optimization, surveys, databases, bloggs, Create websites, efficiency and time management software implementation,
● Developed and implemented access databases: Created for the Road and Bridge department, which was countywide for permits for roadways, and driveways. Along with management of many varieties of databases, implemented and managed websites.
● Accounts payable receivables and Project Management as well as customer client relationships.
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Blog Post, Case Study, Press Release, Ad/Promotional Copy, General Photo, News Photography, Commercial, General Video, Documentary, Landing Page, Checklist
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Las Vegas, NV Community College Southern NV, Diploma
Loma, CO USA|English

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