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Copy Editor, Developmental Editor, Editor, Ghostwriter, Writer

Contents. Edits. All Subjects.

If you’re looking to launch your project and you need content or an editor, let’s go. The World Awaits Write Now.

I successfully completed over fifty projects specializing in crime novels, political and current events non-fiction, leadership and motivation self-help, suspense thrillers, romance, history and historical fiction.

Depending on the need, I bring my experience and versatility to various genres of work in fiction, nonfiction, niche ebooks, blog posts, presentation materials or serve your needs as an editor, writer or project partner combining our skills. If you are looking for someone who reflects your style and conveys your ideas in the best way possible, grab a chair and let's brainstorm to reach a successful outcome! With over 15 years experience as an editor and writer, I add experience in customer satisfaction surveying making customer satisfaction a high priority for me! I understand knowing your audience. I believe in win-win experiences that include rigor and excellence.

As you are about to see from the projects that I have listed on my profile, I have worked in a wide-range of genres. If I were to suggest which genres I specialize in, I would say that I have the most experience editing in the political and current events genre, closely followed by leadership books and suspense and thriller novels. Since I have ghost-written several books in romance and history genres, I would also say that I would be a great editor on your project since I study and have experience in both.

I am a professional developmental editor, ghostwriter, line editor, proofreader, creative writer, analyst, copywriter, public relations writer, blogger, social media outreach coordinator, and marketing writer. I think outside of the box, meet deadlines and love to surpass your expectations. I pride myself for having a great deal of self-initiative. Your final product will be effective, compelling and provocative. I love trying new ideas and unique results. I especially like to imagine scenarios and outcomes based on the right amount of research so that together we strategize to essentially choose the best wording for your needs and your area of specialty.

Among the many books I've edited, here are a few I've highlighted to demonstrate the wide-range of fiction and non-fiction genres I've worked in:

- crime and mystery novels;
- historical fiction novels;
- autobiographies;
- a leadership book by an internationally recognized leader in the field of international conflict resolution;
- a relationship book that sheds light on lessons from the movies about love by a well-regarded highly-acclaimed marriage and family therapist;
- a techno thriller by a praised sci-fi author;
- an organized crime mob adventure;
- an international suspense novel set in war-torn Iraq by a former military official;
- a coming-of-age redemption suspense about growing into manhood in the inner city and gang life by a well-received spiritual fiction writer;
- several religiously-themed books by highly-acclaimed pastors and religious leaders;
- satire.

Although I offer my editing services, my experience as a writer and ghostwriter lends a great deal of expertise and experience to the service that I provide for your project.

If you would like to get a sense of the ghostwriting projects I have written, please don't be shy. Ask. I will gladly discuss this with you and send you a list if you are at all interested in having me ghostwrite any section of your project.

I look forward to working with you on your project to bring my growing experience as an editor (developmental, stylistic, copy editing, proofreading, fact-checking and structural) and my attention to detail to every single page, chapter and book you are passionate about publishing!
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Middlebury Institute of International Studies, MA, International Policy Studies
SF State University, BA, English Literature
Sebastopol, CA USA|English, Ukrainian

Published Content

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