Mario Worm

Copy Editor, Copywriter, Writer

Direct Response Personal Growth Copywriter

If it's about Health, Fitness, or Personal Development...

If your customers want to thrive in their life (who doesn't!?)...

Then search no more, because I do Copywriting for people-caring businesses like yours.

I simply like to help people realize their unknown potential, it's what I'm passionate about selling!

As a former safari expedition guide and occasional mental coach, I helped various people to succeed in taking on their mental barriers and get over them for good...

And by helping you sell more, many more people could buy into such unique and deeply life-changing experiences.

What a deal!

Personal growth and unrestricted freedom of choice to be happy, no matter what the circumstances are...

Is that not something we all would like? Let's get your customers hyped about it too.

My Specialties are:
○ Copywriting That Sells with Brand Integrity
○ Writing, Critiquing, and Editing Your Copy
○ Making a Difference Between Annoying E-Mails and Ones That Teach You Something Valuable - WHILE Selling

And despite people's general attention span today coming close to the 8 seconds of a goldfish...

I'm thrilled to be a copywriter because 8 seconds is more than enough to sell, and sell well...

IF we can avoid the ONE mistake that all less performing ads throughout marketing-history had in common...

On the contrary, this means that there's one specific winning key element that all the best performing ads shared as well.

It’s not a formula that allows me to write compelling copy that easily converts...

And it’s neither wizardry that makes you stand out from the crowd of noisy marketing...

It's by applying the hidden principles that no one talks about...

Which in turn will quickly compel your visitors to eagerly want your offer.

Let's talk options soon.

Simply write to me or directly schedule a meeting with me here:


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