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Marione Enriquez is junior copywriter for a marketing company and a regular contributing writer for Thought Catalog, Connected Women, and Entity Magazine. She writes articles about mental health, motivation, and productivity.

She has an extensive knowledge in writing academic and medical papers. She graduated with a degree in Biology and studied in medical school for 2 years. She has an extensive knowledge in English and she has been working as an English trainer for businessmen for almost 2 years now.

She is committed, professional, and a perfectionist. She adheres to deadlines and writes grammatically immaculate works.

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University of the Philippines, Los Banos, B.S. Biology
Far Eastern University, Medicine

Published Content

Sparkly Green Earrings – My Afterthoughts
October, 15 2018
There Must Be More Than This Provincial Life
August, 22 2018
Three Books That Changed My Life
August, 19 2018
The Art of Being A Person
Blog Post
Mastering the Art of Being A Person

Mastering the Art of Being a Person is a motivational article about writing and self-discovery.

July, 25 2018
The Truth Behind Why We Write
April, 17 2018
How To Make Someone Believe Anything You Say

Inspirational and Motivational Article about building better relationship with other people

April, 13 2018
Why Starting Is Often The Hardest Part Of Any Journey

An article about self-discovery and motivation on how to face your fears and start working towards your life goals

April, 4 2018
5 Life-Changing Lessons I Learned From ‘The Theory Of Everything’

A motivational listicle about the lessons you can learn from the movie, 'The Theory of Everything'

March, 15 2018
How To Get Out Of A Rut

A motivational article that discusses some little things you can do when you feel lazy to work on your goals

February, 15 2018
10 Things You Absolutely Need To Let Go Before 2017 Comes To An End

Listicle about the things that you need to leave behind before starting the New Year

December, 30 2017
17 Life Improving Things I Learned In 2017

A motivational listicle about the life lessons I learned in the year, 2017

December, 27 2017
Here’s Why We Should Stop Letting the Universe Dictate Who We Are

An inspirational article for self-discovery and self-appreciation

December, 5 2017
The Top 3 Books That Completely Changed My Life

A listicle about life changing books I've read so far

November, 24 2017
To All The Best Friends I Lost Along The Way

An open letter for all the bestfriends I have had throughout my life

November, 19 2017
If I’m Being Honest, You’re Not The Ideal Boyfriend

An open letter to all the sincere and loving men who show their love in their simple, honest ways

November, 8 2017
8 Signs You’re On The Right Career Path (And Not Just Wasting Your Time)

A listicle that hints if you're on the right career path

November, 6 2017
Sometimes Your Best Will Not Be Enough (And That’s Okay)

A motivational article that you must read when you feel drained

November, 6 2017
8 Important Things To Remember When You’re Feeling Totally Lost In Life

A few things to ponder on when you feel lost in life

November, 1 2017
Maia Stone
March, 15 2018
10 Easy Ways to Change Your Life Right Now

A list of positive habits that you should start doing to change your life

January, 2 2018
How to Finally Get Started on Your Life Goals
March, 21 2018
Blog Post
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