Marionel Kriek


The human whose opinion, and individuality, is their greatest superpower

I am passionate about writing quality work at all times. I aim to have my work really make an impact on those who read it, because I believe that writing has the ability to bring about change, even if we as humans do not know that yet. I have a very strong opinion, and I do like to write my opinion, but I am able to write pieces that have no opinion, and that are purely fact based. I strive to produce writing that is of such a a high standard, without spelling or grammar errors, because I know that it is important to produce high quality writing for those who work with me.
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Article, Blog Post
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University of Pretoria, BA Humanities
Cape Town, South Africa|Afrikaans, English

Published Content

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What is society doing to us.pdf

This is an article which mainly focuses on the impact that society has on people. I have used my own experiences, coupled with my observations, to express what is happening to people within society.

November, 29 2018
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Film manipulates and influences the viewer.pdf

This is an article on the ways in which the film and entertainment industry are able to manipulate the ideas of the viewer by the use of various techniques. Although this is short, it clearly indicates how the industry can make such changes to someone's emotions.

August, 17 2018
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