Marita Brereton

Copy Editor, Copywriter

Changing lives beyond boarders

Building my dreams one day at a time.

Dreams takes funds however, so I'm using my skills to our mutual benefit. I'm not the fastest typist out there but I will get the job done because of my tenacity and work ethic. As to published works, I've been focusing on the five books in my head and getting them written down, so not much articles out there. I've self published two books on Amazon and go two more completed to be edited.

Books aren't my only interest. I'm also interested in online marketing and building my marketing skills. So pun intended, I'm marketing my skills. I can be paid via Paypal although I'm from a small twin Island state and currently have loads of extra time as I'm between jobs. Plus for you is 24hr availability!

Get your job done professionally and quickly!

Thanks for considering me.
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Article, Blog Post, Ebook, Ad/Promotional Copy, Direct Mail, Social Video, Commercial, Landing Page, Checklist
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University of the West Indies Open Campus, Certificate in Event Managment
Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago|English

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General Video
A Sinner's Redemption

The vlog for my site a sinner's redemption. Due for an update. Just started.

First book and part of a three part series. For mature audiences. A secret that goes straight to the Presidential bedroom.
Ad/Promotional Copy

Video promo for myYoutube channel - MB HAVEN
Blog Post
A Sinner's Redemption

This is about my personal spiritual and personal development. The goal is to change my minset then my lifestyle to become a more holistic human being who will be a blessing to the people around me and in turn help others become a blessing in the world.
Blog Post
Investor mentality

This will be fleshed out futher or changed completely. I removed older posts recently to make room for newer content. I'll do so every 3 - 6 months.

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My second book published on Amazon. Its a modern romatic twist on the current scurge of human trafficking.

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