Mark Belcher

I’m Mark, a classically trained journalist who spend all four years in college at St. Bonaventure University challenging myself with internships with the New York Press Association, WDOE News Radio, WIVB-TV and the Buffalo Bills.

During my journey through school, I learned skills in print, radio, broadcast, sports, photography and advertising. I’ve won awards for my writing and photography, but immediately following school, I took a job in advertising. The Quilted Squirrel proved a fantastic place to hone my video and photography editing skills, but I still desired a challenge in the newsroom after a lengthy education hyping up the adrenaline-packed environment in which deadlines are a best friend.

I found that challenge with News 4 in Buffalo, where I never stopped growing in my role of a digital journalist. I took the job as a junior digital content producer, growing to a senior content producer and eventually taking over operations of the website on a day-to-day basis. became my life and the place at which I would devote 4,000 articles — more than a million words — of my life.

Please reach out to me for any writing opportunities, as I'm always willing to add to that word count.
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