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Boost ROI... Increases Sales... Move Prospects Through a Sales Cycle With One Click of an Autoresponder Email Sequence

Imagine this…

Every morning you arrive at the office, type up an email, press SEND and watch the sales roll in while reclining in your leather chair… sipping a hot cup of Joe.

Could there be anything more satisfying than that?

Actually… yes. It’s much more rewarding (and lucrative) to create a SERIES of emails ONCE and watch the dough roll in EVERY DAY on AUTOPILOT.

Imagine your business sending hundreds… or even thousands of emails to over a dozen markets in only one day. And then do it again tomorrow… and the next day… and the next (7 days a week, 365 days a year) – by simply clicking the SEND button ONCE.

That is exactly what I can do for your company…

As an independent marketing consultant and copywriter, I know a thing or two about increasing ROI through email marketing. For the past several years, I’ve worked with many marketing agencies – helping businesses just like yours increase sales with purpose-driven email autoresponder sequences.

Here’s a Few Things I Can Help You With:

• Convert more prospects into buyers
• Turn one-time buyers into repeat buyers
• Increase customer transaction size
• Energize inactive prospects
• Revive and win back dead leads

My Autoresponder Sequence will move your prospects and customers from one stage of the sales cycle to the next… and over… and over again.

This tested and proven email sequence has seven stages, consisting of 27 (300 word) emails – that targets the fundamental emotions that drive most purchasing decisions (Gain, Proof, Logic, Fear, and Scarcity).

Each email series has one of seven purposes. And each purpose is dependent upon the last.

7 Stage Email Series

Stage 1: Indoctrination Series – Turn a stranger into a friend while aligning your brand to the prospect
Stage 2: Engagement Series – Convert a prospect into a paying customer
Stage 3: Ascension Series – Convert a one-time buyer into repeat customer
Stage 4: Value Loop Series – Get customers to buy more often and make larger transactions
Stage 5: Segmentation Series – Create multiple revenue streams by getting prospect to buy other products
Stage 6: Abandonment Series – Energize inactive prospects and get them into an Engagement Series
Stage 7: Re-engagement Series – Revive and win back deal leads while also cleaning your list and getting rid of dead weight

I will draft all 27 emails, categorize them is their relevant stages, and plan your autoresponder email trigger sequence.

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