Mark Harrington

Content Strategist, Copy Editor, Editor, Ghostwriter, Writer

An innovative storyteller for leading brands and pioneering startups.

I have written both bylined and ghost articles for an array of leading business, marketing, customer, technology and retail publications including Entrepreneur,, MarketingProfs, Social Media Today, Yahoo Finance, Retail Customer Experience, Wired Innovation Insights, Loyalty 360, Retail Touchpoints and many others, including internal publications for eBay and Citigroup. As an aside, I have also written features for Fox Sports, Scout Media, 247Sports and CBS Sports.

Over the past 20+ years my career has focused on strategic marketing, advising leading brands that include eBay, Citi, Disney and PepsiCo and also serving leadership positions in pioneering startups like, Ecount, Infonautics and ListenLogic.
Content Types
Article, Case Study, Blog Post, Interview, Product Description, Social Copy, Website Copy
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The Pennsylvania State University, BS - Marketing (honors with distinction)
Philadelphia, PA, USA|English

Mark Harrington Portfolio

Understanding the Connection Between Experience and Loyalty
July, 6 2015
Surefire Ways to Kill Your Company’s Culture
September, 11 2016
Achieving Loyalty in the “Age of the Consumer”
October, 28 2014
Maximizing Your Best Customers (Infographic)
October, 10 2014
Achieving Success in the ‘Age of the Consumer’ (Infographic)
October, 22 2014
5 Sport Skills That Can Elevate Your Career
June, 17 2016
Loyalty’s Evolution and the Impact on Brands
November, 17 2014
Empowering Executives with Social Intelligence
November, 13 2013
Driving Innovation with Social Insights
December, 9 2013
Five Advantages Savvy Marketers Gain From Consumer Management [Infographic]
January, 15 2015
Countering the Growing Social Threat of Brandjacking
September, 26 2013
5 Keys to Leveraging Clients to Drive Growth and Innovation

Feature reviewing the five fundamental focal points of an effective client assessment process to grow your business, drive your innovation and gain a competitive advantage.

April, 4 2018
To Avoid Sales Hell Repent the 7 Deadly Sins of Customer Engagement

Article on the major pitfalls marketing teams fall into when it comes to engaging their customers.

November, 9 2015
Column: Penn State title underscores championship caliber

Feature piece on the sustaining and unrivaled national championship success Penn State has enjoyed over the last decade.

March, 19 2018
Five Ways Advanced Consumer Management Is Transforming Marketing

Article discussing the five advantages consumer management technology is providing to marketing teams.

February, 26 2015
Penn State hockey upends Minnesota in B1G quarterfinal opener
March, 3 2018
Designing a Customer Strategy Focused on Genuine Loyalty
April, 28 2016
Penn State's Class of 2018 Moves to No. 3
July, 17 2017
Marketing's Massive Disconnect In The Customer-Centric Mantra
May, 4 2015
No, You Don’t Need a Data Scientist Army to Understand Consumers
January, 6 2015
Five Ways That Advanced Social Intelligence Helps Marketers
April, 26 2013
Designing A Data-Driven Customer Marketing Strategy
January, 18 2016
Designing a Customer Strategy Focused on Genuine Loyalty
April, 28 2016
Why the "Social CEO" Debate Is All Wrong
August, 26 2013
Amazon's 'Prime Day' Is Looking Like a Win for WalMart
July, 16 2015
Five Reasons Marketers Need to Embrace Social Intelligence
July, 3 2013
Examining a subtle shift in PSU football's recruiting focus
February, 13 2018
The Tactics That Have Gained Donald Trump a Horde of Loyal Followers
April, 29 2016
Penn State's Championship Caliber
March, 22 2017
How Savvy Marketers Transform “Big Consumer Data” into Customer Wins
December, 5 2014
Love Perk: Philly Teaches Brands Lessons in Loyalty
October, 29 2015
Want Genuinely Loyal Customers? Put Your Marketing Where Your Mouth Is
February, 17 2016
How Marketing Is Leading the Charge to Extract Value From Big Data
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