Mark Muchina

Copywriter, Ghostwriter

Productivity is not an accident but the commitment to excellence.

I am a self taught writer (after all necessity is the mother of all invention), and I specialize in creating high quality content so customers can spend more time on your site. I believe in being what users are interested in and not interrupting what they are actually interested in.
I also believe in the power of simplicity as Mark Twain put it best "Don't use a five-dollar word when a fifty-cent word will do."

Therefore, I will produce content that will result in high engagement rates as it will be easy to consume. Content that increases brand recall and generate leads. Furthermore I have a quick turnaround time so feel free to contact me for those time-pressing jobs.

When I am not working on content or educating myself on being a better writer, I am outdoors or meditating. I too love music as it is food for the soul. And speaking of food, I love good food seeing as it is a form of expression.

Check my attached work for a feel of my writing.
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