Mark Richards

Content Strategist, Copy Editor, Copywriter, Technical Writer, Managing Editor

Copywriting Wizard - High Conversion Sales Copywriter

Why hire me? Simple. I'll make you more money.

For years I’ve been creating high converting copy for established and successful companies, along with innovative startups and trail-blazing entrepreneurs.

My passion is helping businesses grow and thrive, driving brands to that next level, and communicating unique and engaging messages in a clear and effective fashion.

My methods focus on:

-COMMUNICATING with my clients about your project’s vision to quickly deliver copy with the minimal amount of revisions necessary. Time is money so who has the patience for endless feedback and edits? I’ll draw upon years of experience and a diverse client base to make sure your copy hits all your objectives and we both leave satisfied.

-WRITING directly to your target market: I’ll zero in on your intended audience and write compelling copy that makes your product or service stand out from the competition. My goal is to excite your potential customers into taking immediate action.

-REVISING to perfection: You know your target audience better than anyone. We’ll work together back and forth to craft a final draft that is chock full of copy greatness. I’m here for two things: to deliver a finished product that meets all expectations AND one that will make you more money.

-TEST AND ANALYZE your content: The pedal finally hits the metal. Your page goes live, your email is sent, your post is published, your video is embedded. Let’s look at the data and see what works and what can be improved. Hopefully we do this while taking a break from popping celebratory champagne. Regardless, there are always opportunities to adapt and improve.

My specialties include:

* Landing Pages
* Direct Response Marketing
* Email Marketing
* Sales Letters
* Video Sales letters
* Brochures
* And much more!

But hey, enough talk. Why not hire me and experience first-hand how I can help your business grow.

Get in touch and we’ll discuss your business needs!
Content Types
Blog Post, Website Copy, Product Description, Buyers Guide, Press Release, Ad/Promotional Copy, Direct Mail, Email Newsletter, Presentation, Page Layout, Script, Commercial, Landing Page
More Information
Penn State University, BS Electrical Engineering; Minor in English
St. Petersburg, FL, USA|English

Published Content

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Website Copy
Wellmark Medical

Homepage copy for a creative agency that serves healthcare brands. The client wanted clever and witty material that was also informative and authoritative. Catchy headlines followed by a few engaging sentences lead into the details of the product how it can benefit the audience.

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Website Copy
Offhours Clothing

This clothing company needed a homepage that conveyed the message of their loungewear. The headlines take a fun, informal, and relaxed tone to match the product. The creativity and whimsy of the text relates to the reader and builds an emotional connection.

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Landing Page
Elegant Themes

Landing page for a Wordpress theme company. It begins with social proof to reassure the visitor. Then a two-fold value proposition is presented with separate calls-to-action. The user also has an opportunity to try a risk-free, live demo of the site builder which increases conversion. The social proof is reiterated towards the bottom, and emphasizing the 30-day refund further reassures the audience.

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Website Copy
Levain Bakery

This landing page for a Bakery focuses on the humble beginnings of the business to humanize it to the audience. It also emphasizes the freshness of the food. It flows from the text, to a high quality photo of the product, to an immediate call-to-action. The “About” page further expands on the roots of the business and highlights one of their main differentiators, which is their mission of charity.

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Landing Page
Cure Beauty

This landing page for a curated, build-your-own-style nail and wax boutique increased appointments by 47%. The headlines are simple, personable, and build a relationship with the audience. The text speaks directly to the reader and communicates value in a clear and direct manner. Several call-to-actions drive conversion.

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Landing Page

A landing page and homepage for an online coding academy. The landing page emphasizes their established user-base and entices the audience to action with a free trial. The button has a call-to-action, as well. The tone and verbiage of the homepage aim to show how easy it is to take the courses and how they can benefit the reader, since going back to school can be a daunting task.

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Website Copy
Starry Internet

Homepage for a start-up internet provider. They wanted a witty, hip tone that effectively emphasized their differentiators to their audience. The check boxes are engaging, unique, and serve as bullet points to keep the reader's attention. The text avoids technical jargon and uses fun language to simplify their benefits.

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Landing Page
Domo SaaS

Landing page for SaaS provider Domo. Here the headlines contain clear benefits. The copy is separated into small chunks and makes reading this page less of a chore. Logos of big-name businesses boost authority by aligning the brand with some well-known companies.

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