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Slightly Mad but Unwaveringly Dedicated Copywriter

I may be mad, but when you need engaging written content a little psychosis helps! Despite an intrest in the bizarre, I am nonetheless highly adaptable and thrive under new and unexpected situations. With a history of blogs and an academic background in philosophy and mathematics, I can quickly produce high-quality copy to your specifications.
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Ilchester, Yeovil BA22, UK|English

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Level 2 Aboriculture Partial Portfolio
November, 20 2018
Blog Post

Article about Gen-Z's marketing preferences.

December, 1 2018
10 Old Drugs With Interesting Uses

A list based article about ten historical drugs and their bizarre uses.

November, 16 2018
Building an 8-bit Adding Microprocessor from Fundamental Logic Gates

How do we get from basic bits - ones and zeros - to a microprocessor that can add together two bytes of data? This book will take you from the very beginnings of the logical theories behind its construction. First by constructing and logically deriving the fundamental logic gates, and then by using that same logic to deduce how to add two bytes together. With detailed explanations, diagrams and tables throughout, this work should hopefully kickstart a passion for logic or basic computing.
Blog Post
Interpretation of the Tarot of Metamorphosis

Collection of blog posts on the topic of the Tarot of Metamorphosis

January, 1 2016
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