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Do you need a health and fitness writer with hands-on experience? I'm your guy!

I'm a freelance health and fitness writer, personal development blogger ​and online entrepreneur. I hate content on 'superfoods' that doesn't contain a single research reference, and I love my plants (vegan).

If I'm not writing (or working on my business), I'm working out, playing video games, doing yoga, sleeping, meditating or contemplating ​my life's mission.

If you're interested in working with me, feel free to shoot me an email at or check out my website
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HHC Warffum, High School
Hanzehogeschool Groningen, None (BBA)
The Netherlands|English, Dutch


22 Tips to Help You Lead the Healthy Lifestyle Your Body Deserves

I wrote this article for Lifehack, my first article for Lifehack as a regular contributor.

July, 19 2018
Blog Post
4 Healthy Habits To Do DAILY To Become Healthy INSTANTLY

My goal with this blog post was giving people some very simple healthy habits to change their lives.

May, 5 2018


The 6 BEST Compound Exercises For Mass In 2018
July, 4 2018
Blog Post
7 Reasons Why You Should NOT Quit Working Out
September, 26 2018


So Your Vegan Thanksgiving Menu is Planned … But What About the Drinks?

In this vegan Thanksgiving article,​ I wrote about a couple ideas for drinks that fit the Thanksgiving standards. I even included drinks for children so that parents won't have to tell their kids they can't have anything.
Blog Post
How To Start A Vegan Diet (Vegan Food List Included)
September, 20 2018
15 Brain Foods You Should Be Eating Regularly to Keep Your Mind Sharp
September, 26 2018

Personal Development

Blog Post
Minimalist Living: How to Lead a More Frugal Life

Minimalism is a concept most of us have heard of by now but how do you exactly change your life to a minimalist lifestyle? You'll find the answer in this article with a step-by-step plan to become a minimalist.

November, 29 2018
Blog Post
7 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Own Happiness And What You Can Do About Them

I wrote a post for DumbLittleMan (which is a well-known blog in the self-development niche) which has already been seen by over 2,000 people.​

July, 5 2018
Blog Post
6 Ways To Go From Unhappy To Happy

I wrote this post for Steven Aitchison's blog, ​and at the moment this post has been shared 150+ times.

June, 25 2018
Blog Post
7 Minimalist Ways To Declutter Your Life
July, 16 2018


How Guided Meditation for Kids Can Boost Learning and Social Skills
August, 8 2018
10 Recommended Meditation for Sleep Apps to Drastically Improve Sleep
August, 22 2018

Digital Marketing

Marketing Agency | REV Marketing

In this article about retargeting (a part of remarketing), I wrote about what retargeting exactly is and how every entrepreneur/business​ owner can start to make it work for them.


Blog Post
Wat Voor Content Kan Ik Delen Op Sociale Media?
September, 28 2018
Blog Post
Social Media Is Als Een Doos Bonbons
September, 25 2018
Blog Post
Ben je Relevant met Weinig Volgers?

I was asked to put some little entertainment sauce over it. It's in Dutch though, my mother tongue.

September, 5 2018
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