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Marsha George is an aspiring author, ghostwriter, graduate student, paraprofessional and mother of two. Marsha has written and self-published her first publication My Little Pink Book, an advice book for women battling breast cancer. Life for Marsha has been a harrowing experience and its lasting effects on her has made writing absolutely essential. It is through her writing that she is able to share her journey. Her decision to enroll in grad school at the not so tender age of 34 has made for great comedy which subtly resonates in her pieces. The trials of being raised by a mentally ill parent help bring empathy to her writing. Living through the death of a parent, being diagnosed with breast cancer and divorce all while raising two incredible children gives a sense of resiliency to her written word. Her goal in life is to use writing as a tool to share her experiences in life in the hopes of touching someone going through the same struggle. On a lighter note, she's a pretty good writer who's able to infuse passion into a piece and reflect her client's vision whatever that may be.
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Grand Valley University, Bachelor of Science

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