Martha Obike

Copywriter, Ghostwriter, Writer

Content Writer. Open to learning and eating chocolate ice cream more.

Martha loves good content, so she spends much of her time creating compelling content to meet your audience needs. She's a freelance content writer with three years professional experience. And can help you tell your story better and connect you to your audience by writing amazing web copies for your website, and creating well researched and informative blog posts and articles. While she is a versatile writer able to research and write on a wide variety of topics, she is particularly comfortable writing on Entrepreneurship, innovation and business trends, tech startups, travel writing, customer management, hotel management, recipes, and web copies. When she's not busy adulting, she tends to dabble a little into travelling, meeting new people, reading books or experimenting with new food recipes.
Content Types
Article, Blog Post, Recipe, Landing Page, Interview, Website Copy
More Information
University of Uyo, Political Science /Public Administration
Nigeria |English

Published Content

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