Martin Cruz Romero

Graphic Designer

Bringing your ideas to life!

I'm a content creator making comic and fantasy inspired illustrations in 3D for books, storyboards, character design. I also do Social media Avatars and infographics. I'm also a Movie Critic from the Buenos Aires Film College.

I cover every theme, from science fiction to historical, and my style is adaptable, ranging from realistic to cartoony.

I speak Spanish, English, and Portuguese at a bilingual level, and write in all three languages as well.

You can see a select portfolio at of visit my full gallery of works at

My social Network links:
Instagram: @martoillustration
Facebook (Illustration Page): Mi3dart
Facebook (Personal): Marto Romero
Linkedin: Marto Romero
Twitter: @Mi3dart

I welcome any comments, suggestions, or inquiries at
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