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Just a mom doing mom things. And writing, lots of writing.

I began this journey in 19xx - ah - who needs an age. Suffice it to say I've been around awhile. There was never a point when I wasn't writing something. In 2013, I made it official and jumped into political blogging. Getting paid to do something I loved was absolutely the greatest thing since sliced bread. After bouncing around in politics, I landed in the vast world of SEO writing. From there I have written on a variety of subjects, learned the ins and outs of the industry, and honed my writing skills. I'm still just a mom, but I have some mad writing and editing abilities!

Sept 2013 - Sept 2017
Liberal America (political blog)
Writer, editor, managing editor
Tasked with writing, editing and managing a political blog. Coordinated writing assignments and editing tasks for up to 60 writers. Maintained site viability by finding topics that were both timely and pertinent to the current news stream. Pitched, wrote, and assigned evergreen articles to add longevity to the site. Maintained a Facebook page with over 1 million readers. Maintained several Facebook groups as a moderator, screening and reviewing new member requests, surveying content to ensure suitability, and maintaining an online presence to represent Liberal America.

Sept 2017 - Feb 2018
Income Store (political blogs)
Wrote numerous articles about politics for several sites, from both sides of the political spectrum. Pitched and wrote evergreen articles to increase site viability. Stayed on a deadline, providing timely content in a ready-to-publish format requiring minimal editing.

Jan 2018 - Dec 2019
Income Store (SEO content)
Began writing and learning SEO content as a writer. I was advanced to the position of editor after two months and was assigned as a special projects editor. As a writer, I wrote on a variety of subjects, both in and out of my wheelhouse. As an editor I was tasked was verifying content for facts, clarity, use of AP and in-house style, and grammar.

Familiar with:
Google Suites
A variety of software and web-based applications

View some of my writing below. I can provide many more on request.

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