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Existing with an Existential Crisis

Mary Beth Webber hails from the great southern state of Alabama. Before you picture her barefoot, pregnant, and married to her cousin or toothlesssly touting her titanic rebel flag, please reconsider. Contrary to popular belief and much negative, albeit decidedly earned press, there are a great many self actualized, reasonably intelligent, and socially conscious citizens in Alabama. They just keep really quiet about it, managing to completely disappear whenever the national media is around. In similar fashion, they tend to stay away in droves from social media platforms. However, like Sasquatch, there are reported sightings of these such individuals that give credence to the myth. They do exist, however most do with an existential crisis. Mary Beth has spent the majority of her adult life raising seven beautiful daughters, and as such, has reached the point in her life where she asks the time honored question, "What the f%#@ am I doing ?" It is now that she plans to explore this question with fervor. And perhaps liquor.
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