Mary Kate Miller

I deliver clean copy so fast you'll think I Back-to-the-Futured to get it done.

I'm a writer and comedian from Chicago, IL. My two favorite things are War & Peace and The Real Housewives, so I'm well versed in the mysteries of human nature (my own included).
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Mountain bike excursions, cheaper WiFi and better food: Welcome to Cruise 2.0
March, 26 2018
As lifestyle brands enter the hospitality business, hotel rooms double as showrooms
April, 26 2018
Airline customer satisfaction is higher than you might think, a new survey indicates
May, 7 2018
Jenna Dewan's last interview before her split from Channing Tatum may have offered some clues about the separation
April, 4 2018
Loving Las Vegas, from its glittering Strip to its alluring desert
April, 5 2018
At national parks and zoos, it’s prime time for baby animals
May, 4 2018
Jenna Dewan honored at children's hospital gala in her first public appearance since splitting from Channing Tatum
April, 21 2018
Should parents apologize to their kids? And if so, what’s the best way to do it?
April, 16 2018
The American Health Care Act will punish me for having an autoimmune disease and surviving sexual assault
May, 5 2017
‘You’re fired’: A timeline of Trump administration departures
March, 16 2018
There's now scientific proof that quitting Facebook can reduce your stress levels
April, 4 2018
Federal prosecutors recommend civil rights charges in the 2014 death of Eric Garner
April, 21 2018
In Chicago, finding the right bites in Lincoln Square and Ravenswood
March, 21 2018
Twitter is having a field day with Melania Trump's "Be Best" campaign
May, 7 2018
Sleepovers? Feminist tours? Custom beer? Museums get creative to engage new audiences
April, 20 2018
Google Maps Doesn't Use the Same Parts of the Brain as Directions, Study Finds
April, 6 2017
Take The Sexual Assault Allegations Against Trump Seriously
April, 4 2017
Demi Lovato's performance of "Skyscraper" at March for Our Lives will send actual chills through your body
March, 24 2018
Avoid ATMs on weekends, choose your gas pump wisely and other tips to keep your finances safe when traveling
April, 3 2018
How an improv comedy class revolutionized my dating life
March, 16 2017
Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurries are coming to McDonald's — but there's a catch
March, 27 2018
I tried Emma Watson's favorite pubic hair oil, and it was amazing
March, 13 2017
Accepting my grandmother's flaws helped me love my mother more fully
March, 7 2017
Why this updated version of "Baby It’s Cold Outside" is the perfect consent anthem we needed to end 2016
December, 1 2016
Is Buying a Home a Bad Investment?
January, 9 2017
Wendy's "We Beefin?" mixtape is the fast-food rap we never knew we needed
March, 24 2018
Have You Traded Away Your Retirement on Bridesmaid Dresses?
January, 9 2017
A Day in the Life of "Gilmore Girls" Finances
November, 22 2016
John Cena didn't get to go to his high school prom — so Ellen Degeneres threw him a super awkward one on TV
March, 24 2018
The girl who made news for clawing her eyes out on meth finally speaks out
March, 9 2018
How misleading marketing got America addicted
February, 21 2018
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