Mary Patterson Broome

Copywriter, Editor, Writer, Ghostwriter

Versatile, reliable writer with a background in both humorous content and SEO-driven content, including addiction and recovery related topics, women's health, hair care and food/restaurants..

I have over 10 years experience writing and editing, both editorial and scripted content, in a variety of subjects and fields. I can easily adapt my voice to fit the tone of the client's or publication's brand, whether it's humorous, informative, irreverent, or SEO driven. Currently, I write hair-related blog posts for NuMe USA, researching all of the content based on a single title prompt from them, and organically promoting their products within the blog. I also research and write food and restaurant oriented content for Additionally, I have been hired to ghost write Forbes articles and punch up marketing copy for two prominent productivity coaches, presenting their concepts with a humorous angle. I have been a contributing writer for Women's Health Magazine, In Recovery Magazine and I have been performing stand-up comedy for over 13 years, and have written for WE TV, and for AOL Originals' Emmy-nominated web series, "Making a Scene with James Franco." I wrote, produced, directed and starred in my own web series, "Scott from San Francisco," that was released on Valentine's Day.
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Article, Blog Post, Interview, Press Release
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Wake Forest University, Bachelor of Arts - Political Science
Los Angeles, CA, USA|English


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