Marygrace Taylor

Copywriter, Editor, Ghostwriter, Writer

Digital content strategist specializing in health and wellness

Being healthy isn’t always easy. There’s lots of confusion out there on what we should be doing to feel our best. I develop digital and print content that makes health feel simple, doable, and yes—fun.

After nearly 10 years of writing and editing for national consumer publications, I’m a pro at turning complicated health information into content that’s easy to understand and approachable. I know what readers want when it comes to health-focused content , and I can craft it for your publication or brand.

I have experience in covering a wide range of health and wellness topics, and I specialize in areas like healthy eating and nutrition, natural health, weight loss, women’s health, pregnancy and parenting, and babies and kids.
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Article, Blog Post, Infographic Copy, Interview, Landing Page, Website Copy
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The College of New Jersey, BA, English
Philadelphia, PA, USA|English

Published Content

Marygrace Taylor
November, 24 2014


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