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When you are looking for world class created content through writing articles as a content strategist, look no further, I can create amazing graphics and art illustration as well for the biggest impact on your audience. Let me be your managing editor to choose and create articles all organically pertaining to your corporate vision then making a major impact on your audience. The content myself and our team will create for you will keep your customers very informed and excited to read your information. I am able to write articles that will take the reader on a journey and give them a reason to read your entire article with glee. I created and produced an international magazine called The Art of MaryJane magazine back in 2010 working with New York times writers and the best of the best creating a world class magazine 4 issues per year for almost 10 years.
My magazine has been published in Barnes & Nobles, Books A Million, Hastings, and 100s of other book and magazine retailers also creating tons of content for my news oriented website. My magazine was very successful and made it into 10 countries including the US, Canada, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Latvia, Barbados and many other countries. My work speaks for itself now i would like to create world class content articles and graphic design, illustration and even using world class photographers to capture the readers attention with a dynamic versatile approach, I even have an extensive network of videographers and can create exciting entertainment and captivating content that will grab the reader and make them fall in love with your company and product.
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Sacramento City College / Santa Monica College, Writing
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