Matt Bauwens

Graphic Designer

envy nothing. build.

I make things. Experience in animation, podcast production, website development, industrial design, infographics, augmented reality, and the like to tell stories in dynamic and curiosity-evoking ways. Assisted in the marketing with MIA's exhibit: Guillermo del Toro's 'At Home with Monsters'. Helped build the Twin Cities first blockchain/cryto education platform called Studycoins. Just recently completed the UX/UI for an industry-first blockchain application called Scryp, a DAPP built to monetize the under-attended and wasted resources in a community powered by the under-attended needs of volunteering and community outreach. I like books, obsessed with history, and like the mountains.
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St Paul, MN, USA|English

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Heat-screening technique, designing the image in Adobe, applying a heat transfer unto thin steel.

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Here I created a couple of different files and brought them into laser cutter software, to produce the finished product: a pop-culture stylized, multi-utility living room piece. Shown: Flight board and cribbage board. Not shown: cutting board. All interlocked by magnets.

August, 27 2018

LIsted in my channel is some experimental videos I've put together, testing styles and production scale possibilities. Educational, historical, and emphasis on technology are the common threads amongst all the videos.

August, 27 2018
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