Matt Louv

Copy Editor, Copywriter, Editor, Writer

Writer who has read books other than Harry Potter.

I am a full-time seller of things on Ebay, and am looking to get involved in an ongoing writing gig as well.

I have a lifelong track record of writing both for quantity and for quality. I'm diligent, responsible, and predictable. As a hire, I'm the right kind of boring.

My resume is a bit of a weird one, but there's a through-line of writing that makes it cohesive. I've written about everything from runway fashion to salmon fishing. I've done comedy punch-up, written copy for internal corporate communications, crafted bespoke wedding roast speeches, publicly catalogued my dating life (actually my first job) and produced an overall volume of work that could fill a new wing of the Library of Congress.

Nobody can ever slay the dragons of procrastination and distraction stone dead. Not with the internet one click away. But I've been working autonomously long enough to know how to put those dragons down for a nap.

If you like what you've read and walk to talk, I'm all ears (eyes).
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Article, Ebook, Product Description, Social Copy, Website Copy, Script, Direct Mail, Blog Post, Ad/Promotional Copy
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The Evergreen State College, Bachelor of Arts
Los Angeles, CA, USA|English

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