Matt Segal

Editor, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Writer, Managing Editor

A Communications & Marketing Professional

I have been in the communications and marketing field for more than 20 years. I have a passion for areas like writing, editing, website publishing, social media, media relations, publications, promotional materials, digital advertising, branding, event operations, graphic design and photography.

One of my priorities has always been building and maintaining professional relationships. From a media standpoint, I have worked with 300+ reporters in Missouri, Indiana, Kentucky and Mississippi. I have hosted those individuals at hundreds of events and proactively pitched story ideas.

I have contributed to 15 different professional websites. I previously served as the primary content manager for, which averaged 500,000 page views and 90,000 unique visitors per week.

I have also managed several professional Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. I have experience with audiences as big as 665,000 on Facebook, 320,000 on Twitter and 195,000 on Instagram. Single posts from those platforms received several thousand interactions on many occasions.

Between press releases, features, previews, recaps, blogs, speeches and briefing books, I have written and edited a countless number of articles throughout my career. During my time as media relations director at Morehead State University, I contributed over 1,000 web posts during a four-year stretch.

I thrive in deadline-oriented environments, and those experiences have certainly prepared me for future challenges. I have worked nights, weekends and holidays a countless number of times over the years. I do whatever it takes to do the job well.

Effective communication and strong leadership are important in any line of work. I am confident my references would tell you I excel in both areas. I have supervised several full-time staff members during my career. I also take great pride in hiring and developing young talent.

I grew up in Indianapolis and earned a bachelor’s degree from Ball State University.

My website -- -- should have everything a prospective employer is looking for (resume PDF, previous jobs, skills & experience, software & internet, work samples, recommendations, background info, etc.). I invite you and your colleagues to visit today!
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