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Google Assistant puts an end to impolite queries with ‘Pretty Please’ feature
May, 8 2018
Mozilla suspends advertising on Facebook after Cambridge Analytica scandal
March, 22 2018
Some loot boxes may violate Dutch gambling laws
April, 19 2018
Stripe’s AI fraud detector is crazy smart
April, 18 2018
Review: RHA’s newest headphones are affordable, competent earbuds for the gymrats among us
May, 1 2018
Hackers find devious way to break into hotel rooms
April, 25 2018
Bancor founder urges women to get into crypto to fix finance
March, 8 2018
Deliveroo’s new London meal deals are so cheap, you’ll question their sustainability
May, 1 2018
Planet Computers might just succeed at bringing back the PDA with its $599 Gemini
April, 9 2018
Review: The Doogee Mix 2 trims the bezels for $260 (and it doesn’t suck)
March, 26 2018
Airbnb launches tool to help event planners find their guests somewhere to stay
April, 19 2018
The Superb Huawei P20 Pro strikes the perfect balance of camera hardware and AI
April, 19 2018
Windows Phone is dead (for realsies) as Microsoft discontinues Skype and Yammer apps
October, 8 2017
Cloudflare launches Spectrum to protect almost anything connected to the Internet
April, 12 2018
This eco-friendly phone booth solves the biggest problem with open plan offices
April, 30 2018
Opera Touch is a new one-handed browser for Android (and soon iOS)
April, 25 2018
The Huami Amazfit Stratos is an awkwardly named smartwatch that looks nice (and costs $199)
April, 9 2018
Are Contactless Payment Systems A Threat To Your Finances?
April, 14 2016
Mapistry’s CEO on why persistence is the most important quality for a founder
March, 8 2018
Stack Overflow’s 2018 Developer Survey reveals programmers are doing a mountain of overtime
March, 13 2018
Opening a bank is a genius move for Amazon
March, 7 2018
Google News aims to fix journalism by offering an easy way to pay for it
May, 8 2018
Facebook rolls out its downvote button to more users
April, 29 2018
GCHQ is a bit like a trendy tech startup, according to its former director
April, 27 2018
Huawei’s Honor hints at releasing a new AI-tinged phone in May
April, 4 2018
Skyscanner now lets you book train tickets in the UK
April, 3 2018
How this Israeli entrepreneur built a big data-powered bra empire
March, 8 2018
Opera now lets you beam content from your phone to your desktop
April, 25 2018
How Nudge Rewards uses tech to highlight the achievements of service workers
March, 8 2018
Github’s Learning Lab will teach you how to collaborate with code
April, 20 2018
It’s been 20 years since Microsoft’s most embarrassing moment (besides Vista, obviously)
April, 23 2018
Exclusive: Cyber-criminals are selling victim’s selfies on the dark web
March, 12 2018
HQ Trivia now lets you play with (and compete against) friends
April, 10 2018
Google Lens now describes landmarks and creates contacts from business cards
March, 5 2018
Mozilla’s first Internet Health Report makes for grim reading
April, 10 2018
Google Glass makes you a worse driver (and look absolutely ridiculous)
April, 6 2018
Android Things 1.0 fixes the biggest pain points in building IoT devices
October, 21 2016
Spotify’s newest podcast is about mental health and startup life
March, 13 2018
Facebook to be more transparent over political advertising in the UK
April, 26 2018
Square’s Cash App launches in the UK
April, 3 2018
Facebook makes its privacy tools easier to find
March, 28 2018
It’s 2018 and most video conferencing tech is still crap
March, 26 2018
It’s time to boycott Amazon
April, 16 2018
This bonkers Chinese phone holds as much juice as the average laptop
April, 3 2018
Facebook tracking is present in 41% of the most popular Android apps
March, 26 2018
VR Headset Prices Are Going to Crash Soon and Here’s Why
September, 16 2016
Microsoft Cortana Fridge Will Tell You When You’re Out of Milk
June, 9 2016
Netflix’s sleek new typeface will save it a ton of money
March, 21 2018
DigitalOcean is getting into container hosting
May, 3 2018
The EU plans to take on the tech giants with a massive new turnover tax
March, 5 2018
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