Mirvet Dajani

A freelance writer with a love for life

I grew up in a small town in the mountains in Lebanon where my brothers and I went to school. It was a British school so we learned to read and write proper English. After I graduated with O'Levels and A'Levels, I attended the American University of Beirut for a couple of years. But before I was able to get my degree, we came to the United States where I finished my AA degree and then attended University of Central Florida. I worked in restaurants and in hotels, and then owned my own restaurant business. After that I owned a Jewelry and gift boutique where I sold Pandora Jewelry and beautiful hand-designed glassware. For a few years now I've been doing a lot of writing which I fell in love with. I have my own website blogging about food, nutrition, weight loss, and fitness but I'm also a freelance writing which is very exciting. I would love to expand my writing and my topics since there is so many things to write about.
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