Maximus Prince

Chances are, if there's two sides to whatever you're talking about, I can argue both.

Hey there, thanks for visiting! Maximus is a mouthful - you can just call me Max. Here's a little bit about me:

I grew up in Grayslake - a small town in Northern Illinois, about 15 minutes from Six Flags Great America. I moved to the west suburbs of Chicago (near O'Hare) at 18, and now, at 20, I currently live in the West Loop of Chicago (essentially, I live in the dead center of the city. Cool, huh?)

I graduated Grayslake North High School a semester earlier than the rest of the students in my class (Class of 2015). After graduating high school, I immediately started attending classes at the College of DuPage, where I graduated with an Associates Degree in Applied Arts in less than a year and a half (Class of 2016). After obtaining my Associates degree, I was accepted into, and currently still attend classes at the University of Illinois at Chicago. I'm currently a Senior majoring in Adolescent Psychology, and minoring in Criminal Justice. I plan to attend grad. school (Not quite sure where yet!), obtain my Masters in Clinical Psychology, and provide therapy and legal representation for children currently living in abusive, neglectful homes who are further neglected by the United States justice system.

Growing up with a diverse population and my own set of struggles has encouraged me to learn more about other cultures, opinions, and lifestyles that are foreign to me, then use that knowledge and insight to help not only children in need, but anyone who lacks proper representation, is being denied their rights, or discriminated against for any reason.

That also means that I'm extremely politically active and advocate heavily for what most would consider the "liberal" agenda. I am often involved in protests, lobbying, phone-banking, community service, and make frequent personal visits to each of the state and local legislators in Chicago, North-Eastern Illinois, and surrounding areas. While I may swing left, I am always open to other people's opinions, and I'm always looking for a stimulating, educational debate with anyone who has the time.

My goal in writing and blogging is to spread knowledge that is commonly over-looked by the mainstream media, but is important, and needs to be acknowledged.

"Ignorance is admitting one's own guilt"
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