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Meaghan Ellis is an experienced content manager, copywriter, and marketing specialist with more than a decade of relevant professional experience in content development, copywriting, digital marketing, SEO, journalism, editing, graphic design, and social media management. In leadership, her professional strengths include project management and strategic planning.

With more than 9,500 published pieces, Meaghan has built a strong professional foundation on journalistic integrity and digital creativity.
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Ad/Promotional Copy, Blog Post, Article, Ebook, Guide, Product Description, Social Copy, Website Copy, Whitepaper, Interview, Graphic, Infographic Copy, Page Layout, Illustration, Script, Landing Page
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Southern University A&M College, Baton Rouge, LA, Business Management and Marketing
Southern University Laboratory School, High School Diploma
Baton Rouge, LA, USA|English

Copywriting / Advertising Pieces

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January, 11 2019
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January, 13 2019
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March, 25 2019
Drunken Employee Photo Viral: Boss Shames Drunk Employee Who Passed Out, Emails Photo To Entire Staff [Photo]
March, 17 2015
Nicki Minaj Makes Shocking Admission About Drake, Relationship With Meek Mill Going Forward
May, 2 2016
Cheating Revenge Viral: See The Neatly Wrapped ‘Christmas Gift’ One Girl Gave Her Cheating Boyfriend (Photo)
December, 30 2014
‘Jesus Vs. Muhammad': Controversial, Satirical Qur’an Challenge Video Resurfaces, Goes Viral [Video]
February, 6 2015
Does Blac Chyna Want Tyga Back? New Rumor Claims She’s Moved On, Guess Who Her New Beau Is
October, 4 2015
Caught on Camera: Connecticut Police Officers Caught Brutally Beating Motionless Man
August, 10 2014
Rob Kardashian Has Brutally Honest Opinion Of Sister, Kylie Jenner, Here’s What He Thinks
January, 29 2016
CAIR Director Claims United States ‘Partially Responsible’ For San Bernardino Shooting, Sparks Controversy [Video]
December, 5 2015
Marlboro To Introduce Marijuana Cigarettes in 2015: Hoax Goes Viral
January, 28 2014
Inmate Brags About Lifestyle Behind Bars On Facebook, Insists The Crime He Committed Was ‘Worth It’
November, 3 2014
Baby Suffers Acute Alcohol Poisoning After Aunt Gave Her Six Shots of Vodka, Mom and Aunt Charged
March, 21 2014
Missouri Woman Posts Video of Mailman Mishandling Packages, Footage Goes Viral
September, 8 2014
Mom Outraged After 6-Year-Old Handcuffed For Allegedly Taking Candy Off Teacher’s Desk — Excessive?
August, 13 2016
Eazy-E Conspiracy: ‘Straight Outta Compton’ Influences Conspiracy Theories About Rapper’s AIDS Death
August, 22 2015
Veterinarian Note Viral: See The Nice Gesture A Veternarian Sent A Grieving Dog Owner
December, 13 2014
Three Women Caught On Camera Beating A 51-Year-Old Homeless Man To Death Set To Stand Trial Next Week [Video]
December, 27 2015
NASCAR Releases Statement In Support Of Confederate Flag Removal From SC State Capitol
June, 24 2015
Selena Gomez Posts A Picture Drinking Just Weeks After Rehab Stint: Alcoholic or Not?
February, 18 2014
Bobbi Kristina Euthanized? Family’s Spiritual Healer Drops Massive Bombshell About Bobbi Kristina’s Untimely Death
January, 19 2016
Shia LaBeouf Gone Nuts: Leaves Press Conference, Paper Bags His Head For Berlin Film Festival
February, 9 2014
New Orleans Woman Reportedly Caught On Video Sexually Abusing 3-Year-Old Boy, Having Sex With Dog
October, 31 2014
Young Boy Recounts Being Murdered in Past Life: You Won’t Believe How He Proved It
May, 22 2014
Little Girl Reacts To Mufasa Death Scene In ‘The Lion King’ Is Priceless, Touching Moment Goes Viral [Video]
April, 14 2015
Deliverance Or Deceit? Viral Video Sensation Who Insists He Isn’t Gay Anymore Accused Of Scamming To Raise Money
November, 15 2014
Jimmy Fallon: NBC Execs Worried His Drinking May Be Spiraling Out of Control, Insiders Say
November, 2 2015
RHOA’s Phaedra Parks’ Husband Apollo Nida, Charged With Bank Fraud, Identity Theft
January, 25 2014
Khloe Kardashian Reportedly Leaves Lamar Odom Following Secret Call To Drug Dealer From Hospital
October, 28 2015
Bobbi Kristina Brown: Did Nick Gordon Stage A Possible Cover-Up To Make It Look Like She Drowned?
February, 9 2015
High School Football Player Dies After Drinking Four Gallons of Fluid
August, 18 2014
Teenage Boy Knocks Father Out After Verbal Sparring Match: Did His Father Provoke Him? Footage Goes Viral
April, 27 2014
Khloe Kardashian Reveals Bombshell Secret She’s Been Hiding From Lamar Odom, Here’s What She Isn’t Telling Him
November, 14 2015
Dish Network Ditched By More Than 90K Subscribers Following Fox News Axe
January, 9 2015
Kris Jenner ‘Evil Lies’ Exposed, Explosive Bombshell About Kim’s ‘Sham’ Marriage To Kanye West Revealed, Insiders Say
April, 4 2016
‘The Interview Controversy’: Sony Hack Rumored To Be Hoax For Publicity
December, 22 2014
Worst Fight Ever Viral: Epic Brawl Between Two Geeky Fighters Is One You Won’t Believe Unless You See It [Video]
April, 13 2015
Lady Gaga Rape: Singer Drops Bombshell Secret, Reveals Graphic Details About Horrific Experience
December, 12 2015
Kalamazoo Shooting: Uber Passenger Shares Terrifying Account Of Deadly Uber Ride With Mass Killer Jason Dalton
February, 22 2016
Mother Finds Photos, Videos Of Babysitter’s Sexual Assault On Her Two-Year-Old Daughter
August, 16 2015
Walmart Greeter Briefly Banned From Telling Customers ‘Have A Blessed Day,’ Community Fires Back With Protests
February, 2 2015
Woman Marries Pedophile She Met On Facebook, Doesn’t Discover His Disturbing Past Until After She’d Left Him With Her Children
March, 16 2015
Charles Warner: Autopsy Reveals Wrong Drug Used In Convicted Murderer’s Execution
October, 9 2015
Sherri Shepherd Reveals Why She Refuses To Be Involved In Surrogate Son’s Life
February, 6 2017
Is Kylie Jenner Already Married To Tyga? ‘I Am Cait’ Clip Raises Speculation [Video]
July, 24 2015
Mom Punishes Daughter By Shaving Her Head, Shares Embarrassing Picture On Facebook: Extreme?
November, 5 2014
Mom Forces Daughter To Get Her Ears Pierced, Headlocks Her When She Refuses, Footage Sparks Outrage [Video]
March, 26 2015
Hiawatha Robinson: Father Who Raped Daughter To Death Escapes Capital Murder Charge, Death Penalty: Justice?
December, 22 2014
Florida Man Kicked Out Of Planet Fitness For Wearing Pro-Life T-Shirt
November, 20 2014
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